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What is sextortion?

Sextortion, a highly distressing coercion strategy, intricately involves the malicious use of threats to compel individuals into meeting specific demands.
The nuanced and unsettling dynamic of this tactic stems from the looming risk of exposing private content, highlighting the urgency for comprehensive attention and immediate intervention to safeguard individuals from potential harm.

Remove leaked sextortion content

Take down content that is used to extort you with Leakserv.

Statistics on sextortion

According to a report by Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, millions fall victim to sextortion annually. In the U.S., 10,000 cases of non-consensual pornography are reported yearly. A study by Kaspersky Lab found that 42% of victims who paid still had their content leaked.

International perspective

Sextortion is a global issue. Organizations like INTERPOL, Europol, and the United Nations are actively working to combat cybercrimes, fostering international cooperation and sharing best practices.

Varieties of sextortion

Sextortion involves the coercion of individuals by threatening to expose private, often compromising,
content unless specific demands are met. This can manifest in various ways:​
1. Online harassment: Perpetrators may employ persistent online harassment, using personal information to intimidate victims and coerce compliance.
2. Financial extortion: Sextortion is not limited to explicit content; it can also include financial extortion. Perpetrators may demand money or valuable assets, leveraging the threat of exposing sensitive information.
3. Exploitation of personal content: Perpetrators often exploit personal content obtained through various online platforms, such as social media, dating apps, or private messages.
4. Manipulation and deception: Sextortion may involve manipulation and deception, with perpetrators tricking victims into sharing compromising material, later using it as leverage.

How we can help you?

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Success Story 1: Emily’s triumph over sextortion

Emily, a victim of online harassment, found herself facing the threat of intimate photos being exposed. With our dedicated support, we swiftly located and removed the compromising content, allowing Emily to regain control over her online presence.

Success Story 2: Alex’s fight against revenge porn

Alex, a target of revenge porn, sought our help in removing explicit content posted without consent. Through our comprehensive removal process, we successfully eliminated all instances of the compromising material, empowering Alex to move forward with confidence.

Success Story 3: Sarah’s journey to financial security

Sextortion isn’t solely about explicit content; it can also involve financial extortion. Sarah, facing such a situation, turned to us for assistance. Our team not only removed the threatening content but also took steps to ensure Sarah’s financial information remained secure.

Note: All names in the success stories have been replaced to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.
Your privacy matters, and we are dedicated to helping you reclaim it.

Sextortion removal service FAQ

Sextortion is a form of blackmail where someone coerces or manipulates another person into providing sexual images, videos, or favors, threatening to expose or distribute the material if their demands are not met.

To stop a sextortion poster, gather evidence, report the incident to the authorities, contact the platform hosting the content to request its removal, seek legal advice, and consider involving cybersecurity professionals such as Leakserv to assist with the situation.

An example of sextortion would be when an individual threatens to share explicit photos or videos of someone unless they pay a ransom or engage in further sexual acts against their will.

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