About Leakserv

Fighting digital abuse since 2010

Leakserv was founded in 2015 by Bart van Leeuwen and Nick Steenland. Since then, Leakserv has been helping victims of digital sexual abuse take down leaked copies of their private photos and videos. 

Media Mentions

Leakserv has been featured on several websites and media.

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Our Style Guide

Our colors, fonts and graphics.

The Leakserv Colors

We’ve taken great care in findings colors that truly represent what we’re about: trust & safety. 


Titles - Manrope Extrabold

Headings - Manrope Extrabold

Text - Nunito Regular

Our fonts

We want our textual content to not only be of good quality, but too also looking visually pleasing. That’s why we use the following fonts.

Media Contact(s)

Any business and press related queries can be forwarded to [email protected].