New Bill Aims To Criminalize Revenge Porn In New York City

Good news for New Yorkers: The New York City Council is trying to pass a bill that would make revenge porn illegal. As Myles Miller reported, the city council is trying to do what the state has failed to do since 2014; criminalize revenge porn. The proposal, backed by Queens Councilman Rory Lancman, would send […]

Revenge Porn Awareness – A Video by Leakserv

Revenge Porn Awareness – Consequences and Solutions Leakserv is specialized in locating and removing revenge porn content worldwide. In order to inform the public and revenge porn victims, we have authorized the making and publishing of the video “A Life Ruined”. If you have any questions regarding the video or our services, please feel free […]

Bye, bye revenge porn

Leakserv removes revenge porn and helps victims worldwide

Leakserv Co-founder Nick Steenland was interviewed for Dutch TV program EditieNL and talks about removing revenge porn and helping victims worldwide. Have you missed this or want to see the item again? Click here.

Leakserv article in Dutch newspaper AD

Dutch company Leakserv detects revenge porn and remove it

Dutch company detects revenge porn and remove it Startup Leakserv promises to remove the material deep into the depths of the Internet. “Sometimes an innocent picture is modified so that it seems a nudie.” First the good news: even though it seems like there is nothing on the Internet that can not be removed. That’s exactly […]

Leakserv Entry on Techcrunch

Dutch Startup Leakserv Takes Aim At Revenge Porn

Dutch Startup Leakserv Takes Aim At Revenge Porn Dutch startup Leakserv is playing in the online identity management space, with a special focus on helping victims of revenge porn who want specific content taken offline. The issue of revenge porn has gathered more attention in recent years, with major search engines and tech platforms taking […]