Onze klanten over Leakserv


Wij kunnen makkelijk zeggen hoe goed wij zijn maar onze klanten kunnen dat veel beter!

Your company is amazing, I am so grateful for your services. I don’t know what I would do without you!

KimRevenge Porn Victim

  • My ex-boyfriend lost his phone that contained videos and images of us fooling around. This resulted in our worst nightmare, everything was placed on several websites and it was spreading further and further. Leakserv was able to remove everything and got it under control quickly. I would advice them to anyone that has the same problem.

    MaryRevenge Porn Victim
  • I visited some great parties while in college! When the moment came that I started to apply for a job I Googled myself and noticed some images of myself that really had to go in order to get a professional job. Luckily this was no problem for Leakserv and I got a great job!

    John DoeAnonimous Revenge Porn Victim


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