Never before in the history of mankind has there been a time when first impressions were as acute and decisive as they are today. When meeting someone for the first time – whether a prospective employer, an attorney or simply a date – your online reputation arrives much, much before you do. Thanks to the prolific World Wide Web, your prospective employer or date have enough to form a first impression well before meeting you. With photographs, videos, posts and other forms of content coming in from your website, blog or social media accounts and painting a mental picture of you in their mind – your real self doesn’t stand a chance! Our Privacy and Identity Protection service can make a huge difference when it comes to your online reputation.

The latest stats agree:

  • 65 percent users find internet to be the most trusted source of information about people or organizations. (Source: 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer)
  • 75 percent adults in the U.S. have Googled themselves and close to 50 percent found that their search results were not positive. (Source: The Denver Post)
  • 75 percent companies in the U.S. have included online research of job applicants as a formal requirement in their hiring policy. (Source: CrossTab Report “Online Reputation in a Connected World”)
  • 85 percent U.S. employers have found positive search results to be a plus point when hiring candidates. (Source: CrossTab Report: “Online Reputation in a Connected World”)
  • 70 percent U.S. employers (recruiters and hiring managers included) have rejected job applications by candidates whose online search results were negative. (Source: CrossTab Report “Online Reputation in a Connected World”)
  • And finally, 81 percent users said they felt “not at all safe” or “not very safe” when sharing private information with trusted parties over social media. (Source: Pew Research Report “Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era”)

When they look you up online, what are they going to find?

Privacy and Identity ProtectionPhotographs and videos from that crazy drunk party you attended five years ago? Posts from college days that highlight poor judgment on your part? The rantings of an angry girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse? Leaked images from private moments? Revenge porn?

There’s just no telling when, which objectionable content shared by you, a friend, or a foe, may surface and ruin your good name for ever. Blog posts, social media shares, website content, YouTube videos, newspaper or magazine articles, press releases and business postings are only some of the very many sources of online information you need to be wary about. Unless of course you are one-hundred percent sure there exits no one or nothing to tarnish your image on the Internet.

Don’t feel 100 percent confident? Leave no room for doubt. The stakes are as high as they get – your dream company or dream man or woman is going to research you on the Internet before agreeing to meet you. Make sure they find good things only.

Privacy & Identity Protection – Clean up your digital reputation before it’s too late

Leakserv specializes in finding and fixing negative search results with our privacy & identity protection service. Our state-of-the-art search and monitoring tools scour the Internet to uncover leaked or stolen content from any depths of the World Wide Web in no time. Our reputation management experts then use a variety of techniques such as Content Removal and DMCA Takedown Notices, Content Suppression via positive content creation and more, to give you the sparkly clean online reputation you need and deserve. Continuous tracking and monitoring ensures things stay positive.

Take action for a bright future and take action now. Read more about us, our services or get in touch with us and we’ll tell you both. Start now!


Pricing for Privacy & Identity Protection starts at 69 USD per month and is calculated on the needs of the client. We ask you to fill out a form and provide us with all the information we need. Once you have submitted the form we will get back to you with a pricing as soon as possible.

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