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Monitor your private photos
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Monitor your private photos with our monitoring service.

Monitoring 24/7

At Leakserv, we make the professional monitoring of photos online accessible by means of our state-of-the-art reverse image search engine. This search engine monitors the internet twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Continuous monitoring gives you continuous results, which in turn leads to a complete overview of your content on the web.

  • Keeps monitoring 24/7
  • Checks a large database of websites
  • Continuous reverse image runs
Leakserv Google Image Monitoring Leakserv Yandex Image Monitoring

Checks Google & Yandex

Our reverse image search engine check the web twenty-four hours a day by means of images it’s been ‘fed’. However, it will also look for copies on search engines such as Google and Yandex. By making use of these search engine giants as well, we make sure to give you the best and most accurate monitoring results.

  • Checks Google search results
  • Checks Yandex search results
  • Shows you where images have been found

Find out where it's uploaded

Once the reverse image search engine finds an image that resembles the one submitted, it will save the location of this copy cat image. You will be able to see an overview of the images found in your account. By giving you the location of the found images, you’ll get a good look at where your content is being shared.

  • Find out where images are uploaded
  • Find out when it was found
  • Find out on which page it has been published

50, 100, or more?

Would you like to monitor five images? 50, 100 or even more? It’s all possible with our monitoring service. We offer several different pricing plan for specific amounts of images. Monitor up to five images for free, and start monitoring up to 50 images for $15 per month.

  • Monitor up to 5 images for free
  • Monitor 50 images for $15,- per month
  • Upgrade your plan to monitor 100, 200 or more images

Takedown leaked content

At Leakserv we also offer a content removal service.
We will report and remove any illegal video, image or search result and get it deleted as soon as possible.

Monitoring pricing, plans & upgrades

Basic Monitoring

Per month (ex. VAT)


This plan includes

  • Monitoring Google & Yandex 24/7
  • Monitoring up to 50 images
  • Receive alerts when new leaks are found
  • Full support

Would you like to monitor more than 50 photos? That’s possible! We offer upgrades to monitor up to 1000+ images.

Try out monitoring for free!

Sign up for our monitoring service and monitor up to 5 images at no cost.

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We’re here to help you out and take down illegally shared copies of your private photos and videos.

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