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Include our monitoring service

You can add our revenge porn removal services on top of your monitoring service. Why add this service? If you’ve found illegally shared photos of yourself on the internet, we can take them down for you.

Takedown revenge porn

Revenge porn and sextortion removal services take down illegally shared private photos and images. By combining the continuous monitoring, face recognition and the sharp eyes of our agents, we can ensure a firm hands-on approach for taking down leaked content.

Google clean up service

Google and Yandex will be wiped clean. Our revenge porn and sextortion removal service will make sure that private and illegally shared photos get removed from known search engines. That way, the spreading of it will be retained.

  • Remove illegal results from Google
  • Remove illegal results from Yandex
  • Search engines will be wiped clean

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Protect & remove leaked content from the web

At Leakserv we offer a revenge porn removal service.
We will report and remove any illegal video, image or search result and get it deleted as soon as possible.

We’re here to help you out and take down illegally shared copies of your private photos and videos.

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