Why would you need our content removal service? Well, if you’re someone who enjoys the online life frequently, you must have definitely heard about content theft or copyright infringement. What do content thieves do with the content? Well, they can do a lot with it. For starters, they can host and distribute stolen content such as music or videos for free and prevent you from earning any revenue from it. Then, they can also steal personal information about you and put it up on the net for various reasons that include blackmail, harassment or even, revenge. The negative content can be further accessed by other users from all over the globe, including your own community. This can cause severe damage to your personal reputation.

Content Removal ServiceHowever, with Leakserv you won’t ever have to worry about that. Our team of professionals is trained to eliminate such content from the World Wide Web. By using advanced tracking and monitoring services, Leakserv can locate all your stolen personal data and other information. After which, we will send out take-down notices and make sure that the content can never be accessed or distributed again by other users on the web.

Content Removal Service – What we do

We provide content protection for almost all industries from media to personal content. Some of which include:

  • Social media monitoring: Social media is a growing trend and if used the right way, it can be a very useful tool. However, several cyber criminals use social media to target innocent victims. There have been cases of spurned lovers manipulating images of the victim to cause embarrassment. Even celebrities suffer from the creation of fake social media accounts that are created solely for the purpose of tarnishing their image. Leakserv helps eliminate this by taking a proactive approach. We can monitor social media accounts and communication to identify instances of stolen content or false information being circulated about you or your company.
  • Search engine content removal: Search engines are what help users locate all kinds of content on the web, including stolen or false content. Leakserv tracks the false or stolen content and removes it by serving DMCA take-down notices to the host. By doing so, we prevent further access and protect your identity, business, and even your reputation. Contact us for pricing or if you have any further questions.


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