Celebrity Reputation Management is a must when becoming a celebrity. It’s a dream that most people have. We all want to live that life- fast cars, mansions, and endless travels to exotic locations, fame, adoration and what not. But, real celebrities don’t get there just like that. They work for it. They invest their blood, sweat, and tears to make it right to the top in an industry that’s known for its cutthroat competition.

  • Celebrity reputation management for artists

    Celebrity reputation management for artists

  • But, the problems don’t stop even after celebrities get to the top. In fact, their problems just change into something else. They are constantly being watched and even a simple, human mistake of theirs can come under the scanner and put them in the midst of all kinds of criticism.

    Now, with the internet, things are worse.

    That’s where Leakserv comes in. We’re an online brand management agency dedicated to making life a little easier for celebrities by offering Celebrity Reputation Management. We make sure that our celebrity clients have effective social media control and never have to suffer a tarnished public image, especially in cyberspace.

  • We provide internet celebrity reputation management for:

    1. Actors and actresses
    2. Artists
    3. Athletes
    4. Models
    5. Politicians
    6. Various other popular figures

    Our services are designed to help celebrities protect their careers and shed off any type of negative publicity.

  • Personal Support on WhatsApp

    Personal Support on WhatsApp

Our Celebrity Reputation Management Service

Leakserv helps celebrities monitor their actions and fix their issues through the following solutions:

  • Reputation management: We have been involved with image rebuilding and disaster management for a very long time, which has allowed to us gain a considerable amount of expertise in this arena. With our skills, we can ensure that your reputation is never tarnished. We achieve this by constantly monitoring the internet for mention of your name. This includes tracking discussion groups, personal profiles, and various social media activities etc.

  • Content Publishing: Leakserv can assist celebrities in managing their social media accounts. Content is an important part of a celebrities’ digital marketing process. It is the content that’s published on your website and social media accounts that allows followers and fans to make sense of who you really are, what you like and what you do.

  • Tampered content: We have the skills to eliminate leaked or fabricated videos and altered social media comments before they damage a celebrity’s reputation.

  • Morphed images: It is not uncommon to find morphed images of celebrities in compromising or questionable scenarios. However, Leakserv is home to online reputation experts who can make these images vanish without a trace.

  • Our Celebrity Reputation Repair Approach

    We protect our celebrity clients using an effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy. With this strategy, we combat day to day negative search results related to our celebrity clients. We do this by observing user reactions and the social activity surrounding such incidents.

    We incorporate the following steps in our process:

    1. Effective social media control
    2. Reputation damage repair
    3. Image rebuilding plan
    4. Targeted content planning
    5. Increased web presence
  • Reputation management for politicians & CEO's

    Reputation management for politicians & CEO’s

If you’re a celebrity, don’t let digital media lay with your reputation.

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